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New Orleans collection with 24 products
New Orleans 24 products 4 Likes  
Giftables collection with 69 products
Giftables 69 products    
Mid-Century collection with 13 products
Mid-Century 13 products    
Wood collection with 20 products
Wood 20 products 1 Like  
Forest collection with 8 products
Forest 8 products 1 Like  
Garden collection with 20 products
Garden 20 products    
Latur collection with 2 products
Latur 2 products    
Not Just For Napkins collection with 6 products
Not Just For Napkins 6 products 1 Like  
Ocean collection with 53 products
Ocean 53 products Best Seller    
Organic Pearl collection with 29 products
Organic Pearl 29 products Best Seller 4 Likes  
Pearl collection with 22 products
Pearl 22 products 1 Like  
Pedestal collection with 9 products
Pedestal 9 products    
Soho collection with 97 products
Soho 97 products Best Seller    
Vento collection with 47 products
Vento 47 products Best Seller 2 Likes  
Weight collection with 21 products
Weight 21 products 1 Like  
Western collection with 20 products
Western 20 products    
Cross collection with 7 products
Cross 7 products 1 Like  
Judaica collection with 3 products
Judaica 3 products 1 Like  
Frame collection with 24 products
Frame 24 products 2 Likes  
Baby collection with 9 products
Baby 9 products    
Vida collection with 47 products
Vida 47 products 2 Likes  

The roots of the BEATRIZ BALL Collection began in 1991, when I began working hand-in-hand with skilled metalware artisans in the outskirts of Mexico City, jointly creating updated, innovative designs in a special lustrous alloy of many metals.

Many of those skilled metalworkers are still with us now, in our foundry in Mexico.

Our pieces are made ...... Read More