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Cantaria - White collection with 39 products
Cantaria - White 39 products Best Seller 7  
Cantaria - Greige collection with 41 products
Cantaria - Greige 41 products Best Seller 3  
Cantaria - Ivory collection with 42 products
Cantaria - Ivory 42 products Best Seller 7  
Cantaria - Sheer Blue collection with 41 products
Cantaria - Sheer Blue 41 products Best Seller 2  
Holders collection with 6 products
Holders 6 products    
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Abigail Glass collection with 9 products
Abigail Glass 9 products Best Seller 2  
Peasant Mats
Peasant Mats collection with 15 products
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Skyros Designs dinnerware and accessories are produced in the beautiful countryside of Portugal. Portugal is a country where the ceramic industry continues to manufacture some of the finest ceramics in the world. Our ceramics are made of a fine, thin stoneware which is extremely durable and chip resistant. ...... Read More